New Zealand’s tertiary education is an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to earn a highly valued, internationally recognised tertiary qualification. Tertiary Education includes both training and higher education. Student can enhance their faculties as New Zealand’s higher education focuses on the individual. Here challenges to traditional ideas are welcomed, and an ambience of healthy, open debate helps you make your own discoveries and build your fundamentals. You can study everything from short trade courses to specialised, high-powered, research based doctoral study. The prestigious Legatum Institute in London has rated New Zealand No.1 in the world for education. Outside formal education courses, New Zealand offers a wide range of more informal opportunities for education. This is often known as ACE - adult and community education. Scholarships and fundings for the students planning to study in New Zealand are also available.


The education system is regulated with strong quality assurance systems across the board. It creates a consistency that gives you flexibility to pick the institution you want, in the city or town that interests you most, knowing that you will get a quality education.

Universities are quality assured by Universities New Zealand. It’s responsible for monitoring and maintaining standards and approving the qualifications of each university.


New Zealand offers lots of options to train for trades and other occupations. Often vocational training runs alongside a job, where students train while they are working, perhaps as part of an apprenticeship. Vocational training is also available at many secondary schools, alongside core academic subjects.

Training qualifications are developed and managed by industry groups called Industry Training Organisations (ITOs). There are over 30 of them in New Zealand, covering a large range of industries including service, manufacturing, primary industries (such as agriculture), and trades.


In New Zealand, all apprentice-type training comes under the umbrella of a programme called New Zealand Apprenticeships. It approves all apprenticeships and helps maintain standards. The website of the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) website has more information on the programme.