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Courses offered At The Globalizers
Kunal Joshi (TUM, Singapore)
I have been fully funded with stipend. Prashant sir gave me the university, I applied and my life is transformed now. Globalizers is incredible
Purvi Bafna (Camegie Mellon University, USA)
My program is ranked number one in the world. From my GRE to application to visa. Globalizers make it looks so easy to me. I will miss Prashant sir's GRE sessions!!
Aamir Manasawala (University of Oxford, UK)
I am currently working in Ebay, California as a research intern and yes, I could come this for because of all support of Globalizers from day 1
Prachi Singh (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Currently I am doing my PhD in singapore at NUS but my journey of success started with Globalizers who gave me an excellent platform by sending me to ETH, Zurich
Saurabh karsolia (Standford University, USA)
Getting into a top B school was a dream. Globalizers played the key role in realizing the dream. From day 1 till I got my visa, support was phenomenal
Jitendra Choudhary (TU Dortmund, Germany)
My tuition fee would be none, thats what my admit letter says!! All credits to Globalizers
Prachi Gulati (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)
In Indore Globalizers only had the understanding what such big school require, Thank you Prashant Sir!!
Sarabjeet Singh Saluja (Cornell University, NY, USA)
I would not have been into Cornell, if I had not join Globalizers. They are ambitious and they make you ambitious and as a result you crack your long shot universities. Perfect university and visa guidance
Ankit Talwar (University of waterloo, Canada)
Getting into one of the best computer science departments of the world was unthinkable, until Prashant Sir told me to apply there. All thanks to Globalizers
Why The Globalizers For Foreign Education?
Skill Analysis: We track your existing skill based on content area, difficulty & time spent on questions.
Studying Abroad can be pocket friendly: The Globalizers offers study abroad program counselling for all budgets. Depending upon the program you choose, there are some bargains out there!
Large Alumni base: Get guidance and support by networking with our huge alumni base, almost everywhere across the globe.
Opens the doors of opportunities: We at Globalizers ensure that our students have ample amount of opportunities to choose from.
Focused Teaching: Our adaptive, customised preparation modes, optimize your study time so you know where to focus.
Be Infinite: Achieve what you have always inspired for and beyond. Prepare for the world waiting outside. Go on, re-imagine your world.