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Post Departure
Post Departure
You must have seen shopping list for a list of items to buy before you come to the USA. Your shopping doesn’t end right there.
There is a long list of things to buy after you come to the USA for the first time. Especially as a student, there’s going to be a lot of things you would have to buy for your Kitchen, Apartment, Bathroom, Living Room to Bedroom.
This list is to help you with the list of items. If you are moving into brand new apartment with your friends, then you have to buy most of the items listed below or You may decide to bring some of the items listed above to save money.
Mindset of new students would be like:
  • "Don't Spend. This is an expensive item.".
  • "OMG, soap costs INR 300?".
Eventually, the currency conversion mentality would go away. Trust, It can take up to six months to 1 year. In the mean time, you have to shop, buy food. So, go with the flow.
Kitchen Things
  1. Kitchen Knife - Vegetable
  2. Kitchen Knife - Chicken
  3. Kitchen Cutting Table
  4. Can Opener
  5. Trash Can
  6. Trash Bag
  7. Water/Juice Drinking Glasses
  8. Frying Pan Big
  9. Frying Pan Small
  10. Storage Containers
When buying utensils for kitchen, make sure it is safe to use the microwave.
It’s good to bring one plate, but I recommend you purchase a couple of plates after you come here. Aluminium plates can’t be used in the Microwave.
Items for the Restroom
  1. Shampoo
  2. Soap
  3. Trash can
  4. Trash Bag
  5. Shower Curtain + Shower Liner
  6. Mat for Sink
  7. Mat for Shower Tub
Items for the Bedroom
Mattress (or Bed) to sleep
  • Twin - Spring Mattress
  • Twin - 6 Inch Spring Mattress
Don’t skip the mattress. Have seen students who sleep on the floor or sleeping bag. Please, you don’t have to be so frugal to let go of a good night sleep. You need a good mattress for a good nights sleep. Mattress Size ( small to big): Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King. Twin size will be good for one person.
Blankets or Comforter
  • Plush Blanket ( We use this. Good warmth for the cold weather )
  • Comforter
During cold seasons, we use Plush Blankets as a bedspread and as the blanket. Depending on where you live and your cold tolerance, you may need two comforters or plush blankets. Buy Full or Queen size blankets or comforter. If you buy Twin, it would just fit you. If you toss and turn, you would be exposed.
$8 pillow from Walmart will last for a year or two.
Laundry Bag or Basket
You may prefer a Laundry Basket or Laundry Bag.
Iron Box and Ironing Board
  • For an Iron ( we call it as Iron Box in India) spend $20 or more. Cheap ones from Walmart doesn’t last long.
  • You would need an Ironing Board (but you can choose to skip, it will be a hassle)
You may prefer a Laundry Basket or Laundry Bag.
Other Things
  • Open a bank account with check facility, ATM card & credit card. Apply for a Social Security number through your University.
  • Get a local driving license.
  • Join Automobile Assoc. of America.
  • Make friends. Keep in touch with family, friends, professors and relatives (here & there).