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Bank Statement
Write word should be Balance certificate on letter head of the bank. All universities (some before admission process and some after admission process) would ask you submit a bank balance certificate of a certain amount which would be a part of application process. We must send this certificate with the application packet or upload via online application. FDs and savings are the only way out!! No bank loans or co-solvency certificates are allowed.

To get this done get around 55-60K USD balance in account. Once balance is there, ask bank manager to issue balance certificate in specified formats (see other file for the format in this folder). All certificates should be sealed by the bank. Get around 10-15 copies.

PS: In many cases getting such balance in one or 2 accounts in not feasible for many parents. If you are not at all able to manage this, contact Vishal on 9301021987 where he coordinates with our CA and get this done for you.

Date ………….

To Whom It May Concern



This is certifying that Mr./ Mrs. ………. having account ……………with us. As on date Rs.20,00,000 (Rs. Twenty lacs) which is equivalent to US dollars………. is available in the account.


This statement based on the request made of Mr./Mrs.……….


Thank you


Authorized Signatory