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Filling Online Form
Filling Online Form
After the final short listing of the universities, start filling out the application form on the website.
To do this, you need to browse to the University website and then go on to the Admissions section and look out for the Graduate Admissions.
  1. Then you will see a APPLY NOW link appearing and through that go on to the LOGIN page.
  2. Always remember to keep a bookmark this page for future use as you will need it each time you access your application.
  3. First create a new account and enter the details and keep the user id and password in a safe place.
  4. Now you are ready.
After the account is being created, start the application process. You will encounter some issues viz.
  • While filling out the name, keep in mind we don’t use any suffix (like Martin Jr.)
  • Always make sure you check NO for Hispanic/Latino & check ASIAN.
  • Always enter the DOB in prescribed format, look for the details that they have asked for such as dd/mm/yy or dd/mmm/yyyy.
  • While filling out the test scores section, if you have given GRE in the old pattern- then select the GRE verbal and GRE quantitative, but if given in the new format use GRE revised verbal & GRE revised Quantitative.
  • While filling out the details of the college from where you have done undergraduation, if you are given to find the “code” for your university, it is most likely that you won’t be able to find it, then make sure you follow the instructions given there and enter either “School Not Found “or “Other” and select the default code for your college.
  • Entering the GPA, keep in mind. If you have 50%, your GPA is 2.5, if between 50%-60% then 3.0, if between 60%-70% then 3.5, if 70%-75% then 3.6, if 75%-80% then 3.7, 80%-85% put 3.9 and above that 4.0.
  • While filling out the details in the LOR, always waive your right to access as by doing this you permit that you won’t be accessing the information given by the referee. Make sure if you are sending the LOR online or offline.
  • Filling out the details and uploading the resume and Sop and some universities also ask for the transcripts, then upload it as well. Make sure that the word limit set by the universities is complied.
  • After all the details are filled and form is ready to be submitted, get it checked at the globalizers before final submission.
  • Pay the fees and make sure to keep the payment receipt page with you for future purpose.