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Diplomas/Certificates in Canada

This diploma program will appeal to both Canadian and international applicants who wish to pursue university study on a full or part-time basis. The Canadian Studies diploma is a credit program, which means that course credits can be transferred towards an undergraduate degree. The diploma is suited to students who may wish to pursue further academic study at university. Proficiency in English at the university level is required to succeed in the Canadian Studies program. International students who need to advance their level of English may wish to consider an enriched program for language skill development such as the University Admission Preparation and Canadian Studies Program, prior to applying for the Canadian Studies diploma. The Canadian Studies Steering Committee may require students who need to improve their level of English proficiency and/or writing skills to complete courses in English in addition to the diploma/certificate requirements.

Various diplomas are available in Canada in various fields like -

  • Business Management

  • International Trades

  • Hospitality Management

  • Project Management

  • Social Media

  • Information Technology

  • Health Care