The Master of Buisness Admistration (MBA)


MBA programmes are seasonal in both US and Europe. Some schools run two courses in a year. There applications are diverted into branches, enrolling deadlines. Therefore, to apply for a course starting in September, you need to apply by March at the latest or by July for a course beginning in January 2012. So before applying to any school or university please check their deadlines. To secure a seat in any of the B-School every student has to take either GRE or GMAT test. GMAT is still leading the market and capturing the maximum share of the market because it is widely accepted by most of the colleges and universities. So before taking any of these two exams check either the college is accepting the GRE or GMAT. A good TOEFL or IELTS score also plays an important role just like the essay.

Duration of course also varies according to the university. Different durations available are 1 year or 16 months or 2 years, its totally depends on the university a student is applying.

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